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How to match the color of wooden door to match more
Apr 08, 2018

The production of wood plastic door USES high strength special improperness structure design, reasonable structure, so its thermal insulation, sound insulation and flame retardant performance is very good, so by the user, using more and more people daily maintenance knowledge is must understand clearly.

When using wood plastic door, it is important to pay attention to the use of the neutral reagent or the cloth with water not to be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise the surface will be soaked and the surface material will be discolored or removed. And the edges and corners should not be too much friction, otherwise it will cause the corners to fall off or peel off; Often like hinges, locks accessories, loose occurs, should immediately tightened, hinge position noise should be filling in time, when the lock open is not flexible, can add pencil lead foam into the keyhole, literally filling.

Wooden plastic door is used in people's household life more and more frequently, the design of market, color is very rich also. With so many choices, it seems like a good thing. Many people, however, have a problem with it. Because, do not know how collocation can make wooden door and furniture color more harmonious. Actually, it's very simple.

1. Look at indoor lighting conditions.

The man is in the river. The wooden door is in the home, of course a lot of things can not allow themselves to come. The wooden door that chooses what color, still need to see indoor light condition first. Generally speaking, the range of relative choice of large room space is also bigger, like what brunet department, light color department is ok. And for low floor or daylighting, don't choose dark colors, you can't see where the wooden door is.

Look at the size of the house.

When the light is finished, we'll look at the size of the house. Color this kind of thing is very magical, different color can bring different visual effect to the person. Warm tone is expansion color, cool tone is contraction color. In this way, the house with small area suits to choose the cool color of dark tone and concise and lively wooden door, can give a person to bring area become big feeling. If wooden door colour is thick warm color, can make space looks crowded, narrow. The effect of small grain and straight grain is better on the choice of wooden door design. Large, miscellaneous, messy patterns must be avoided.

3. Look at the color matching.

Since it is wooden door and furniture colour collocation, that nature wants to compare the color that chooses. If the furniture of your home is the archaize furniture of deep red color fastens, can consider to choose the wooden door collocation of some light yellow department. You will find that the contrast between the white wooden door and the dark red furniture is very harmonious. Contrast the color system to match, should be used with caution in principle, want to deserve to deserve to have professional vision, have need also can ask stylist to recruit. Contrast color match, match color not only should have strong contrast, want to be able to set off harmoniously again.

Look at the same color match.

Color collocation should be careful not to match the two colors that are too big of the chromatogram, otherwise the color will be interrupted. Therefore, it is an insurance policy to match colors. For example, you choose brown furniture, so wooden doors can choose the same color to match. Collocation with color system, can make whole household style more harmonious and orderly.

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