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I will tell you about the eight treasures of wood plastic doors
Apr 08, 2018

(1) the quality of raw materials, scientific formula wood plastic door is the main raw material of PVC resin and wood powder with high quality, with medical grade PVC resin domestic brand-name products, wood powder by the professional wood industry company to provide quality tree wood powder, through classification screening, grinding, drying, coating processing, to ensure the quality of finished product to raw material requirements. Wood plastic door formula in the system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, the stabilizing agent, foaming agent, modification agent, etc., all kinds of ingredients according to strict mixing ratio, effectively ensure the quality of foamed board.

(2) production equipment advanced production equipment from mixing system to squeeze out all introduced from abroad, the international leading level, high degree of automation, including mixing equipment has the ingredients dosage accurately, even in mixing, high efficiency etc, fundamentally guarantees the stability of the product. Because the foam wood plastic door production of foaming extrusion equipment demand is higher, and adopted the high torque twin screw extruder, and the modification of the screw, screw tubes and other components, to adapt to the lignin inside and outside surface crust and even foaming, avoid the phenomenon such as wood powder coking.

(3) the thermal transfer thermal transfer technology on leading technology, on extrusion sheet transfer printing various graphics, make the product has a variety of high-grade tree wood grain and color, according to the market popular varieties, we design the black walnut, ivory white, wax for the customer to choose a variety of finishes, such as wood, and to provide 50 balance indoor door design to meet the needs of modern consumer life personality.

(4) wood plastic suit door of green environmental protection raw materials used in the next time the condition of high temperature and high pressure, vacuum forming, materials do not contain formaldehyde, secondary processing using thermal transfer technology, paint free, in the process of production, use, without any toxic or harmful gases and odors released, is accord with human friendly products of modern interior decoration environmental protection standard.

(5) waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, prevent mildew and insect-resistant eat by moth, deformation of wood plastic products has a dual characteristic of wood and plastic, so the wood plastic suit door besides used in interior doors, special optimum temperature difference, humidity, poorly ventilated places, such as wet toilet, anti-corrosion, mouldproof, moth-proofing the storeroom, etc.

(6) reasonable structure, high strength special improperness structure design, to ensure the wood plastic foam materials the internal structure of ideal, coupled with excellent formula design and the reasonable production process, to ensure the strength of the product.

(7) quick install structure, the installation of time-saving and energy-saving wood-plastic door adopts Germany to introduce the quick installation structure, the door cover installation is extremely convenient, the door sleeve and the door cover are connected with the bayonet, without the need of gun nail or adhesive fixation.

(8) thermal insulation, sound insulation performance is good wood plastic suit door to use material is uniform, fine bubble hole and a specially designed improperness structure, to ensure its low thermal conductivity than ordinary plastic material, good performance of noise reduction

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