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Non-woven wallpaper construction method
Apr 08, 2018

Nonwovens wallpaper paste is similar to wallpaper, you need to use wallpaper glue. Wallpaper glue, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and other related accessories are easy to buy in the local building materials market. General wallpaper posted workers would stick, partners is not expensive, according to the local market is different, generally 5 ~ 35 yuan/square meter, if your beginning ability is strong, stick wallpaper can be trying, experience the fun of DIY.

Requirements for metope:

The wall is smooth, smooth and clean and dry. It is recommended to do moisture-proof treatment so as to replace and avoid polluting the wall in the future.

Please refer to the instructions for the specific adjustment method of the cement paste + wall powder (available in the local building materials market).

The wallpaper of the non-woven cloth does not need wet water, as long as the wall glue is brushed evenly on the wall, then the wall can be.

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