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Plastic wallpaper maintenance
Apr 08, 2018

Wallpaper blister: wallpaper blister is common but again problem, mainly is the paste wallpaper glue uneven lead to late wallpaper surface shrinkage stress and separation too much water at the grass-roots level, resulting in some of the built-in air bubbles. Actually the solution is simple, as long as the bubbles on the surface of the wall paper with general sewing needle puncture, the gas is released, then use the needle to extract an appropriate amount of adhesive injected just pinhole, finally will wallpaper to flatten, dry it.

The wall paper is moldy: the wall paper is mildewed normally in rainy season and wet weather, main is wall water is too high. The solution of the wallpaper that is not too serious for mildew situation is as follows: use white towel to take appropriate amount of water to wipe, again otherwise use soap water to wipe. The best way to do this is to go to the wall paper store and buy a special agent.

Wallpaper become warped edge, wallpaper become warped edge may be basic level processing is not clean, low adhesive stick relay or wallpaper border BaoYang Angle is less than 2 mm and so on reasons, the solution: use paper powder, wipe on the edge, the smooth case become warped, 10 seconds with blower, reoccupy hand in real, until the cement with blower to dry can.

The scrubbing of the wallpaper: a place where dirt is scrubbed with wet cloth or dry cloth; Do not pollute the wallpaper with some colored materials, or it will be difficult to remove. Wiping the wallpaper should begin at some of the corners or behind the door, avoiding the damage caused by the bad reaction.

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