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Raw materials for plastic wallpaper products
Apr 08, 2018

(1) basic plastic materials.

As mentioned above, plastic wallpaper needs resin and other auxiliary materials. The resin is mainly PVC, which is easy to be processed. It is generally used with low molecular weight PVC and auxiliary materials.

(2) base paper

As the base paper of plastic wallpaper, it is required to be heat-resistant, not curling, and has a certain strength, usually 80 ~ 100g/m2 paper.

Plastic wallpaper is the decoration material developed in the 1950s, the product category keeps increasing, the output is increasing year by year, and has become one of the most widely decorated materials in the interior wall.

China began to manufacture plastic wallpaper in the 1970s, and has developed into a certain scale plastic wallpaper industry. The application of wall paper is also in our country rapid popularizing, promote the production of wallpaper and flower color breed to increase ceaselessly.

Plastic wallpaper can be divided into printing wallpaper, foam embossed wallpaper, wallpaper, special wallpaper, plastic wall cloth, such as five categories, each category have several varieties, each species and dozens and hundreds of design and color. In fact, with the improvement of process technology, new varieties emerge in endlessly, such as cloth bottom glue surface, the wallpaper of embossing or printing on glue surface, and the wallpaper of electrostatic flocking on the surface.

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