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What are the characteristics of ecological wood plastic door in process?
Apr 08, 2018

The manufacturer of ecological wood plastic door is mainly made of wood super fine powder and polymer resin, which is made by moulding process. What is its process characteristic?

First, ecological wood plastic door use raw material and production process didn't use glue adhesion, won't produce formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, three harmful material such as vinyl chloride, is to replace the traditional wood green environmental protection new material. Second, in wood plastic door formula system equipped with a certain percentage of the auxiliary materials, added stabilizing agent, foaming agent, modification agent, etc., all kinds of ingredients according to strict mixing ratio, effectively ensure the quality of foamed board. Third, through the grading screening, grinding, drying, envelop processing, ensure the finished product quality requirements.

In addition, the ecological wood plastic door adopts the heat transfer printing process to transfer all kinds of graphics on the extruded board, so that the product has a variety of high-grade tree grain and color. For the products of ecological wood plastic door manufacturers, we can judge the quality of the products in many ways to ensure the purchase of the ecological wood plastic door. From the point of used aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy material thickness and depth is a direct impact on the ecological wood plastic door and firm performance, mainly for door frame is the thickness of the aluminum alloy, mainly for door leaf package edge of aluminum alloy aluminum alloy, thickness and depth of should conform to the requirements. From the door panel of the ecological door, it is necessary to check whether the material of the door panel is in accordance with the national or international panel requirements, and whether it meets the green environmental standards of E1 or E0. From the hardware fittings of the ecological door, including the surface treatment of hinge, the surface treatment of the lock, and the material and quality of hinge and lock.

From work, see the door frame of ecological wood plastic door 45 ° Angle aperture whether achieve beautiful, door leaf whether 45 ° Angle on the package.

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