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About Wood Plastic Door Material Introduction
Apr 08, 2018

Introduction of wood plastic door.

Raw materials used in wood plastic door is the next time the condition of high temperature and high pressure, vacuum forming, materials do not contain formaldehyde, secondary processing using thermal transfer technology, paint free, in the process of production, use, without any toxic or harmful gases and odors released, is accord with human friendly products of modern interior decoration environmental protection standard.

Heat preservation, sound insulation performance is good wood plastic suit door to use material is uniform, fine bubble hole and a specially designed improperness structure, to ensure its low thermal conductivity than ordinary plastic material, good performance of noise reduction. Reasonable structure, high strength special improperness structure design, to ensure the wood plastic foam materials the internal structure of ideal, coupled with excellent formula design and the reasonable production process, ensure the strength of the product, good processing performance. Wood plastic door including plastic and fiber, therefore, has a similar with wood processing performance, sawing, nailing, but dig, the use of woodworking tools to complete, and the power that grasp a hammer is superior to other synthetic materials.