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Classification Of Plastic Wallpaper Products
Apr 08, 2018

Classification is made according to the material of the surface layer.

1) paper wall paper: this is the most commonly used one, it has thin, light characteristics. [1]

2) glue surface wallpaper: the surface of this wallpaper is made of plastic, which is durable and easy to scrub.

3) cloth wall paper: the design of this kind of wall paper has the feeling of European simple elegance, suitable for ornament space.

4) wood wall paper: this kind of wallpaper is made by making thin slices of wood. The wallpaper of this kind of material is complicated in making process, so the price is not suitable for home decoration.

5) metal wallpaper: is made after processing the metal chip shop is on the wall surface, after this kind of wall paper and the surface of the wood wallpaper, are due to the use of gold and silver metal so expensive, only a small space.

6) plant type wallpaper: this is a kind of wallpaper made of hemp and grass, with strong natural flavor.

7) diatomaceous wallpaper: diatomaceous earth is the result of millions of years of changes in the remains of plants growing in the lake. Since the diatomite itself has numerous fine holes, it can absorb the peculiar smell in the air, so that it has the function of moistening, venting and deodorizing. Can be widely used in the bedroom, study, sitting room, office space.

According to product performance classification.

1) anti-mildew antibacterial wallpaper: it has anti-mildew and anti-bacterial effect.

2) fire retardant wallpaper: this wallpaper has a high burning point and is not easy to burn.

3) sound-absorbing wallpaper: this cross-wallpaper is widely used in KTV, which fully reflects its performance.

4) anti-static wallpaper: it has anti-static effect.

5) fluorescent wallpaper: this wallpaper can have a fluorescence effect of 45 minutes without light.