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Is The Color Difference Of Wood Plastic Door A Quality Problem? How Should It Be Avoided?
Apr 08, 2018

Wooden plastic door is used in people's household life more and more frequently, the design of market, color is very rich also. With so many choices, it seems like a good thing. Many people, however, have a problem with it. Because, do not know how collocation can make wooden door and furniture color more harmonious. Actually, it's very simple.

There are no two identical leaves in the world. Each tree has its own unique character and style. Sometimes, the consumer will feel chromatic aberration when making wooden door installation, think this is quality problem, actually to wooden door, this is normal circumstance, chromatic aberration is unavoidable. Color difference, normal natural beauty.

1. Natural causes.

Trees in the growth process, due to the environment, the shaded xiangyang, high and low density is different, make the differences between the different areas of the same species, even in the same trees in the forest, and are likely to present a different color and texture. Such as wooden door is the same color, in the process of growth, trees affected by climate change, the influence of soil condition difference, etc, the naturally form different parts of the colour and lustre, which USES the same trees make the wooden door, will exist certain chromatism, embodied in: with the place near the roots of a tree, the tree heart made of wood, color depth; A wooden door made of wood close to the treetop and bark. These are all formed by uncontrollable natural conditions.

2. The finished product door is not the same batch number as the finished product door.

Sample is not the same batch number with the finished product door, so, for the same product model, but due to the color difference of log own existence of the difference of growing environment, make the finished product door there is a certain color difference.

Whether national standard or enterprise production standards, are not the color difference as a standard of quality inspection, so in this remind consumers, when wood appear off color, first of all, can put down the heart, this is not a quality problem.

The original wooden door refers to the wood door which is made of the selected natural wood as raw material. The main characteristic of the wooden door is that the material of each part made by the door is the same tree and the whole solid wood door is consistent inside and outside. The original wooden door because choose natural wood, its surface has the natural grain of wood and natural lack, it is inevitable, it is the natural beauty that returns to the true nature is its unique place. Beauty is the masterpiece of nature, the human being is beyond hope, and the return to nature is the pursuit and desire of today's people. Natural things can't be as perfect as artificial ones, but they are the most beautiful because they are god-given, which is why natural things are more expensive.

On the one hand is unavoidable natural color difference, on the other hand is the consumer pursues the high quality enjoyment of the aesthetic, so how to make up for?

One, wooden plastic door and household style remain consistent.

In the whole household environment, wooden door and the whole environment coordinated, wooden wooden coordinated with indoor furniture, wooden door in the macro environment, will bring people the feeling of comfortable, harmonious, the so-called "in spite of his flaws," tiny wooden door and not easy to highlight color differences.

2. Wood plastic door and furniture color as far as possible to keep the same color.

When the mass-tone attune of the bedroom, as the light color, should choose the cool color series such as white oak, birch wood door, when the inside the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is brunet department, you should choose such as teak, the sand Billy, the walnut warm color department of wooden door, the overall coordination for wooden door color small defects.

Every thing is not exactly the same, more or less different, looking for it, you always find the difference. The color difference of wooden door just makes the beauty of wooden door is unique, not neat row one.