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Non-woven Wallpaper Function Area
Apr 08, 2018

(1) due to the sitting room is the place that welcomes a visitor, guests to your home is the first to see the adornment of the sitting room, the sitting room have a larger choice space whether elegant traditional paper or cloth of wallpaper, or a new type of glass fiber wall paper, is a good choice.

(2) the bedroom is the place where we rest every day, only have a good rest environment, can have a good working state, so should choose some wallpaper to be able to create a warm atmosphere, at the same time pay attention to the point that, must choose environmental protection material.

(3) the choice of wallpaper of children's room is extremely important, environmental protection factor is the key of consideration, so should choose the wallpaper of natural environmental protection material.

(4) for toilet paper, choice of wallpaper is moistureproof, must choose waterproof moisture-proof function good wallpaper, can choose special toilet waterproof wallpaper, it is important to note that try to choose some simple but elegant wallpaper, create a simple, clean effect.