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Non-woven Wallpaper Selection Method
Apr 08, 2018

Selection method


You can see whether the floral color on the wallpaper surface is uniform and the pattern is visible.


The smell of real environmental wallpaper is very small, some may even say no, the quality of this wallpaper is generally good, safe and environmental. And some inferior wall paper, have very pungent smell, such wall paper is cheaper also not to buy in time, because its harm degree is very serious.


This for the first time to buy wallpaper is also better for consumers to identify, and it is also choose non-woven wallpaper is the most important link, soft exquisite wallpaper, shows that the density is higher, the opposite is hard and rough wall paper, its density is low, and jitter is prone to fracture.


Through the brush to test quality of wall paper, whether the surface of the wall paper texture, smooth or good quality non-woven wallpaper can be easily wiped clean, and the poor quality of non-woven wallpaper, it is hard to pollutants to wipe clean.


You can drop a few drops of water on the surface of the wallpaper sample, sit for a period of time, and then observe the back of it. If the permeability of the back is not strong, the waterproof effect is good, whereas the waterproof effect is not good.

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