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Plastic Wallpaper Is A Common Type
Apr 08, 2018

Ordinary wallpaper

Ordinary wallpaper is made of 80 ~ 100g/m2 paper, coated with PVC paste of about 100g/m2, which is printed and embossed. This kind of wallpaper and monochrome printing, embossing and there is light, flat printing, breed of design and color is much, widely applicable, the price is also low, civil houses and public buildings is one of the most common wallpaper metope adornment applications.

The foaming wallpaper

The foaming wallpaper is made of 100g/m2 paper, coated with 300 ~ 100g/m2 of PVC paste with foaming agent, and then heated and foamed after printing. This kind of wallpaper has high foaming printing, low foaming printing, low foaming printing embossing and other varieties. The foaming multiple of the high foaming wallpaper is large, the surface shows the concave and convex pattern that is elastic, it is a kind of adornment and the multifunction wall paper of sound absorption, often used in opera house, meeting room the ceiling decorates. Low foaming printing wallpaper, is confused in the mixed with proper amount of PVC foaming agent layer on the surface of design or pattern, containing the inhibitory effect of foaming through the use of ink, make the surface concave and convex decorative pattern design with different color, also called chemical reliefs. The pattern of this kind of wallpaper is realistic, stereo feeling is strong, adornment effect is good, and have certain flexibility. It is suitable for interior wall skirt living room and interior corridor decoration.

There is also a kind of imitation brick, stone surface deep relief type wallpaper, its concave and convex height can reach 25mm, for use the pedestal moulding to make. Only applicable to interior wall decoration.

Special wallpaper

Special wallpaper, is to point to have waterproof, fireproof and special adornment effect wallpaper breed. Waterproof wallpaper is made of glass fiber felt, in PVC coated materials, with water-resistant adhesive, to adapt to bathroom, bathroom and other wall decoration requirements. Fireproof wallpaper is made of asbestos paper with 100 ~ 200g/m2, and it is mixed with flame retardant in PVC coated materials, so that the wallpaper has certain flame retardant and fire protection function, which is suitable for buildings with high fire protection requirements. The so-called special decorative effect of colored sand wallpaper, is to spread the colored sand on the base material, and then coated with adhesive, to make the surface of the sand sticky surface, can be used in the foyer, stigma, corridor and other local decoration.