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Plastic Wallpaper Production Process
Apr 08, 2018

The production process of plastic wallpaper is generally divided into two steps. The first step is to compound a layer of plastic on the underlying paper (or cloth). There are four ways to combine. The first is to compress the film and the bottom paper directly after the calender. The second is the coating method, there are two kinds of coating materials, one is emulsion coating, such as chlorine vinegar emulsion; The other one is PVC paste. The third is the indirect composite, which is a composite machine. The fourth is extruded composite, even if the bottom paper is extruded from the flat head. The most commonly used are calendering and coating.

The second step is to finish the surface of the composite wall paper, including printing, embossing, embossing, embossing and so on.

Sometimes, the two steps can be done on one unit, such as embossed wallpaper on the coating unit.