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The Insulation Effect Of Ecological Wood Plastic Door
Apr 08, 2018

Nowadays many people decorate in the home to choose the ecological wood plastic door. Today we will look at the characteristics of the ecological wood plastic door with good thermal insulation effect.

Heat preservation, sound insulation performance is good wood plastic door to use material is uniform, fine bubble hole and a specially designed improperness structure, to ensure its low thermal conductivity than ordinary plastic material, good performance of noise reduction.

The heat transfer coefficient of wood plastic door should be 1W/m2. K, the thermal insulation performance reaches GB/ t16729-1997 level I; The sound insulation performance level is 6, to ensure good insulation and sound insulation performance.

At present, wood plastic industry has become the key or high speed development industry in many countries, including China. Because the product performance of ecological wood plastic door is different from plastic and wood, the characteristics of both are welcomed by consumers.

Ecological wood plastic door wood plastic profile is used by C building materials, combustion after combustion characteristic experiment is similar to wood, but is more difficult than wood to burn, the encounter flame combustion, automatically extinguished after away from the fire. The burning temperature of wood plastic needs to reach 86 degrees Celsius.

The flame retardant property will greatly improve the fire safety of the home. The oxygen index of wood - plastic door is not less than 42.0% and the fire resistance level is B1.

The advantage of ecological door wooden door is obvious, now more and more people in the home decorate when choosing ecological wood plastic door, today we look at the advantage that the ecological wood plastic door needs to strengthen.

First is the stability of the product and the use of high quality wood and environment-friendly adhesive raw materials, such as, the degreasing degreasing, drying technology, such as high temperature and high pressure forming has the waterproof, not warp, deformation, not cracking, etc. Also is comfortable sex, the adornment effect of the product is accomplished through the modern high technology technology, met the demand of people to natural lumber and so on, also have the simple feeling that returns to nature.

In the end, it is safe, and the product applies the technology of melamine, which has the characteristics of non-stripping, moisture-proof and mildew resistance, anti-pollution, strong impact resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant and sound insulation. It is also environmentally friendly, pain-free, green and environmentally friendly, without the need for paint to avoid the environmental and human damage caused by repeated construction.