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Why Is Ecological Wood Plastic Door Long Life?
Apr 08, 2018

Ecological wood plastic door because of its solid wood furniture texture, environmental protection performance is super, gradually be loved by consumers. And because of the long service life, we are all concerned. Today, I will take you to see why the life of the ecological wood plastic door is so long.

First of all, the formula science of wood plastic door, all sorts of add component proportion is reasonable, if join the foaming agent, stabilizer can assure the product quality of wood plastic sheet effectively. Second, wood plastic door although looks like the wooden door, but its flame retardant performance is very good, even in the open, also won't like wood burns easily, once away from the flame will automatically go out. Finally, wood plastic doors generally do not appear crack, edge, etc., stable performance is very good.

Ecological wood plastic door adopts modern advanced technology to build your favorite wood plastic door. Linyi baishiwei door industry can also according to the needs of the customer, to the ecological wood plastic door surface processing, processing the appearance you like, looking forward to your visit.