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Wood Plastic Door Advantages And Disadvantages
Apr 08, 2018


1, wood and plastic door formula in the system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, the stabilizing agent, foaming agent, modification agent, etc., all kinds of ingredients according to strict mixing ratio, effectively ensure the quality of foamed board.

2, wood and plastic door, durable, long service life, the appearance of the wood, high hardness, good rigidity than plastic products are of good physical property is better than wood dimensional stability, won't produce crack, warp, no wood knot, twill, etc. With wood door secondary processing, saws, planer, bonding, nails or screws.

3. Wood plastic door flame retardant performance good wood - plastic suit door open fire does not help combustion, after live automatically extinguished. After the test, the oxygen index of the national strong wood plastic package is 48, its fire resistance level is B1, and the performance of the wooden and wood plastic suit door of longqiao will greatly improve the fire safety point of domestic residential buildings.

4. The surface treatment technology is diverse, heat transfer printing, peritoneum or baking varnish. According to the needs of customers, it can produce a gorgeous variety of appearance, with high stability and long life.

5, wood and plastic door reasonable structure, high strength special improperness structure design, to ensure the wood plastic foam materials the internal structure of ideal, coupled with excellent formula design and the reasonable production process, to ensure the strength of the product. Wood plastic door fast loading structure, the installation time Germany the introduction of fast loading structure is used in wood plastic door door cover installation is very convenient, the door and door cover a bayonet connection, without fixed nail gun or viscose, installation to save time and effort.


1. Wood plastic door, the main material is wood plastic material, so wood plastic material has the disadvantage, wood plastic door also has;

2. Wood plastic door belongs to emerging environmental protection products, so there is no standard system of quality standard in the market.

3. There is no natural wood texture, so there is no natural feeling for wood-plastic door with thermal transfer printing technology or membrane absorbing technology.

4. Compared with wood, it is not resistant to high temperature and is softened by high temperature.

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