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Jute Hand Weave Natural Wallcoverings

Jute Hand Weave Natural Wallcoverings

1、 Jute Hand Weave Natural Wallcoverings Price :$20 to $60/roll The price will be different as different size and quantity. 2、 Product information 3、 Features of Natural Fiber Wallcoverings: (1) Good breath ability ,eco-friendly (2) No deformation, discoloration and corrosion.No pollution, no...

1、Jute Hand Weave Natural Wallcoverings

Price:$20 to $60/roll

The price will be different as different size and quantity.                 

2、Product information




Roll size

1y*6y   1y*8y  1y*10y


For options



OEM Service


Leading Time

25-30 Days


6 or 12 Rolls/Carton


T/T or L/C at sight

3、Features of Natural Fiber Wallcoverings:

(1) Good breath ability ,eco-friendly

(2)  No deformation, discoloration and  corrosion.No  pollution, no public  hazard.

(3) Good Coverage ,can cover little  cracks of the wall.

(4) Healthy and Eco-friendly.

4、Advantages of our Natural Fiber Wallcoverings:

(1) 90% of our products have ready stock.

(2) Newest and full collection of products.

(3) Customized solutions with a minimum order placement.

(4) Stock orders are shipped out within 48 hours from our factory.


Household, Commerce, Entertainment, Hotels, Clubs, Villas, Background etc.

6、Different Design and colors:


7、Wallpapers using:

Ⅰ.Wallpaper’s using—wallpaper conditions

The wall should be dry、smooth、clean、no mildewing、no grease and pollution.
We should take moistureproof processions where the wall is liable to be moistured,espeacially in the wallwhich is face to the rain directly,or the in the wall of kitchen and bathroom etc.

Ⅱ.Wallpaper’s using—wallpaper pasting

1. Please draw a vertical line from the ceilings to the floor,and make this line be the borderline of the first wallpaper in pasting.

2. Clipping the wallpaper according to the size you need,and lay open the clipped wallpaper orderly,then compare the shade of color carefully,and arrange the number according to the color's shade from shallow to deep, then pasting the wallpaper according the order you have arranged.

3. Brush the gluewater equably to the back of the wallpaper,remind that we should brush to the border of the walpaper whereas at the same time should not brush to the front face,and should not make crimple.Pasting the wallpaper on the wall when the wallpaper get sopped in about 8-10 minutes.Now we should eliminate the air bubble、cockle and superfluous glue water,we can make it through the method of brushing the wallpaper from the middle to both sides.And we should wipe out the superfluos gluewater which has overflowed to the front face.

4. Tightly remember that we should paste the sencond roll only when the first roll is dried completely.This method can keep every roll of wallpaper maintain a effect of very smooth.

Ⅲ.Wallpaper’s using--notice

Natural fiber wallpaper can not be washed or brushed,you can use dust collector to clean it.


Q:Can we get support if we have our own market position?

A:Please inform us your detailed mind on your market demand,we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you,to find the best solution for you.

Q:What about the leading time for mass production?
A:It depends on the order quantity. Normally, 20~25 days after receiving of deposit or L/C or T/T.

Q:  How could I get a price of needed fabrics?
A:1.Please give the exactly composition,construction,density,width,weight,picture also finishings to us. We could according to   your  specification give you a sample and price. 

2,You can send us the original sample, we can according to your sample give you a counter sample and price. 

3,If you don't know the detailed of the fabric, You can give us the pictures of fabric, and the usage, we can according to our experience give you a estimated price.But exactly price must after we checked your original sample.

Q: How can I get some samples for confirm the quality?  

A:Please give the exactly composition,construction,width,weight,picture also finishing of fabric to us. We could according to your specification give you a sample.

9、Contact Information:

Contact: Ms. Daisy Lou

Mobile: 0086-15067586081  QQ:2208576063

Tel.:0086-579-86815285  Fax:0086-579-86814011 or 

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